Getting In The Thick Of The Action

Safari photography is not something I do very often. But when I go on safaris, I try to think of what is important for this type of photography, given that I am in a vehicle and that there are other limitations. Is it the equipment, the technique, the vehicle involved or my experience that matters?

During a safari, besides forest scapes and species portraits, some of us want to capture action – predators hunting their prey. Here are some of the things that I focus on to get the right shot. I am sure most of us are aware of these points, but here’s my two cents.

I have realised that the most crucial aspect of shooting hunting sequences is predicting where the action is about to take place and the positioning of the safari vehicle in the right location. A good prediction is only possible when you have a sound understanding of animal behaviour and its habitat. Imagine this in the form of a sequence – when you study animal behaviour and gain field experience, you will be able to predict how and where animals will hunt, and you will know exactly where to place your vehicle for the ideal shot.

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